Nero Gallery’s 5th Anniversary Group Show

From June 29th to July 27th

Opening Saturday 29th of June – Start 8 p.m.

Artists in exhibition:

Alessandro Calizza , Daniele Aimasso , Gerlanda di Francia , Francesco Viscuso , P54 Beatriz Mutelet , Elzo Durt , Claudia Ducalia , Nicola Alessandrini , Jean François B Stefano Ronchi , Ania Tomicka , Chamo San , Hogre , Twee Muizen – Giorgio Finamore , Marco Rea , Paolo Petrangeli , Florian Eymann , Diamond , Solo Eolo Perfido , Massimo Scognamilio , Annabella Cuomo , Cristiano Quagliozzi – Michele Guidarini , Jonathan Pannacciò , Turi Avola , Davide Scianca , Layral – Saturno Buttò , Evertrip , Isabelle Vialle

” Nero Gallery’s 5th Anniversary Group show ” is an exhibition that wants to celebrate the achievements and the life path of a gallery that over the years has always been passionately committed to researching and sharing extravagant, ironic, bizarre and out-of-the-box art forms, ranging from pop surrealism to the most obscure nuances of hypercontemporary art.

The artists participating in the group show are among the most significant who accompanied our five-year journey and who helped shape the constantly evolving identity of Nero Gallery, making it today a safe haven for lovers of surreality.

Each artist will present for the occasion an unpublished work, whose theme and construction technique have been chosen freely, so as to be able to show the various souls that our gallery collects in itself.