French and Italian Collective Exhibition

curator Daphnée Thibaud

In collaboration with Nero Gallery from 26 november to 10 dicember 2015

Chimera is give rise to different interpretations. In fact, it represents both fantastic, mythical or grotesque fi gures, and hybrid creatures that possess the attributes of different animals, but also dreams, unrealizable
desires and utopias. The exhibition “La Chimera” is a meeting point for 30 French and Italian artists belonging to different contemporary arts as lowbrow, pop surrealism, street art and also tattoos. C215, Eric Lacombe, Veks Van Hillik , MrDjub – from France – and Saturno Buttò, Diamond, Sicioldr and Lucamaleonte – from Italy – are part of the artists who approach this symbolic topic through different artistic techniques.

Artists exposed: Albane Simon, Alexandre Nicolas, Anne-Marie Cutolo, Aurore Lephilipponat, Bafefi t, Beatriz Mutelet, Claudia Ducalia,C215, Delphyne V, Diamond, Eric Lacombe, FrédéricVoisin, Jean François B., Koralie,
Isabelle Vialle, Layral, Lucamaleonte, Marc Socié, Michele Guidarini, MrDjub, Murielle Belin, Neirus, Nicola Alessandrini, Paul Toupet, Rocco Lombardi, Saturno Buttò, Sicioldr, Steve Taniou,Trëz, Veks Van Hillik.

Opening Night Thursday26th Novemberat 7.30 pm.

Performances by Sebastien Layral, Aurore Lephilipponat etJean François B. Acoustic set di Simone Salvatori (Spiritual Front)

Free entrance

Opening hours Martedì – Venerdì 13.00 / 19:00 Sabato 10:00 / 14:00

InstitutFrançais Centre Saint Louis

Largo Toniolo, 20/

In collaboration