Vernissage 24 of November  h. 7.oo p.m. at Nero Gallery

Group show curated by Nero Gallery

From 24th November  to 11 January 2019

Adrian Baxter – Ania Tomicka – Chamo San – Delphyne V. – Fabio Timpanaro – Gerlanda Di Francia – Hogre – Martina d’Anastasio – Nicola Alessandrini – Nunzio Paci – Paul Neberra – Selena Leardini – Turi Avola -Virginia Mori

Nero Gallery is pleased to present “Identity”, a collective exhibition that brings together 14 artists, both Italian and international, each of whom is called to explore the concept of Identity.

In a currently tense social climate, Nero Gallery invites artists to express their vision on a paradoxical and difficult to decipher theme. In fact, Identity can’t be defined univocally, it is an individual or collective reality. It can be understood as the result of one’s own experience – whether bodily, emotional, interpersonal – or as a collective feeling, as a sense of belonging to a group, an idea that inevitably comes about through the creation of borders and frontiers towards “others”. Identity is constructed by comparing the similarities and accentuating the differences, defining the Self and the Other, the belonging and the extraneousness.

The 14 artists delve into this theme using different media and techniques: they move from pencils to oils and watercolors. Even the expressive techniques are very different and varied. Some artists opt for black and white tones, others communicate through an explosion of colors.

The exhibition thus offers a colorful and complex vision of this concept, prompting the viewer to investigate what identity really is, to ask whether it differentiates us or, on the contrary, unites us, but above all whether to be human is superior to any personal identity.