Sperspectus Naturalis

Fabio Petani’s Solo Show

Curated by Nero Gallery

From 23 th  March to 4 th  May 2019

Vernissage 23 th of March h. 7.oo p.m. at Nero Gallery

Nero Gallery is pleased to invite you on Saturday 23rd March to Fabio Petani’s solo exhibition “Orbis Terrarum- Perspectus Naturalis”.

The exhibition lets us immerse ourselves in what we could define the theater of the world, analyzing its composition. The world opens up and reveals itself to us through the study of nature. Fabio in this way plunges us into a dreamlike universe that can be perceived through the skilful use of colors and shapes. The spectator relives visionary scenarios projecting himself in distant countries through the rediscovery of the magic of Nature.

“If the world is made up of chemical elements, Fabio Petani is its alchemist.”

An alchemist who strongly loves all that is natural and earthly. His works are perfect floral symphonies that intersect in timeless landscapes and space. These landscapes are almost lunar and fantastic. The balance found in them is the perfect combination of color intensity and harmony of shapes.

It is precisely in the concept of alchemy that we can find the essence of his paintings, a remedy for all the ills of the world, starting from the study for the transmutation of substances and chemical materials.

Thus, through a transcendent path that starts from the study of the most petty, the artist arrives at the knowledge of the most subtle. From the composition of the chemical element we arrive at the vision of nature and its universal concept of the world.

The chemical elements are the basis of the creation of all things but they are also very important for the maintenance and transformation of the ecosystem itself.

The precision of the graphic sign is in harmony with the use of colors, in this case pastels, and the strength of the support, always wood, which make the works vital and concrete. Just as in alchemical studies there is a strong component of secrecy so even in his works we must go beyond the formally graphic and natural sign to discover the true meaning and concept.

The exhibition falls precisely in the year in which the 150th anniversary of the invention of the periodic system occurs, the classification of the chemical elements organized in a table, according to the number of atoms and chemical properties. Each element is placed in a box containing the symbol, the atomic number and the atomic weight. The periodic system was founded by the Russian chemist D.I. Mendeleev, who first ordered the elements according to an atomic weight criterion also allowing to predict the existence of elements only subsequently discovered and isolated.

The periodic system forms the basis of the composition of the earth and of all that it creates and generates.

The artist Fabio Petani was born in the summer of 1987 in Pinerolo. After graduating from high school he graduated in Cultural Heritage at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of Turin with a thesis on Urban Art and street culture from its origins to the present day. This research brings him even closer to the Turin artistic scene and becomes part of the association “Il Cerchio E Le Gocce” (very active in the Turin artistic scene and not only since 2001).