Silvia Faieta

was born in Latina in 1978, currently lives and works in Rome.

Its formation is purely scientific mold, obtained a Bachelor’s Degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Tor Vergata in Rome. His works are characterized by the use of geometric shapes and a strong mathematical rigor. The study of numerology, love for science and rationality of forms make up a unique and original vocabulary evolves from time to time in heterogeneous textural dimensions. His works have received important awards and honors, including “Stamp of Author”, “Image Cup” and “Golden Card Art. He has exhibited at various institutional bodies such as the Forum Interart gallery, CNR, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Palazzo Barberini in Rome and the Gallery “Le Carre d’or” in Paris. In 2009 he was selected as a young contemporary art promises to “General Information”, presenting his works at the Markets of Trajan in Rome. In December of 2011 he exhibited for the first time at the facilities of the MACRO-La Pelanda in Rome. A key passage of his work takes place in 2013 when the artist combines his imagination to a plastic, three-dimensional matrix reaching the sculptural variation of his expressive language. In February 2013 Faieta shows at the MACRO spaces his first work in 3D, entitled “In ludo veritas”. In January 2014, the Cultural Center Elsa Morante in Rome dedicated to the artist his first completely focused on personal scultura.I works by Silvia Faieta have been published by several newspapers including The Time, the Messenger, the Republic, Inside Art, Art a part of cult (ure), EQUIPèCO and Wall Street International Magazine

Site: www.silviafaieta.carbonmade.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/silviafaietaart

Email: s.faieta@yahoo.it