Opening  Saturday 23nd June h. 8.00 p.m.

Twee Muizen is a Spanish duo, formed by Denís and Cris, both from Galicia. Currently they live and work permanently in Barcelona. They use various supports, ranging from canvas to wood, and various techniques, from oil to acrylic, to even experiment with the art of sewing creating magnificent Art Toys.

In their iconography, animals are always present, because they spent their childhood in the middle of woods and mountains. These animals are always, or almost always, accompanied by a human figure.

The journey is the theme of this exhibition, but it doesn’t have the main purpose of arrival, rather it’s intended as a journey of life, as the passing and evolving of time and situations. Travel as becoming of things, constantly changing: a path of growth that the artists invite us to undertake.

“Tempo al tempo” is the way we understand and know “things”, from time to time, without haste but with the awareness that everything changes and transforms, investigating and trying to understand the journey itself, without staring at the finish line. It’s the desire to grasp the changing and becoming of things that transform the reality that surrounds us.

The animals that populate their works seem almost to be spiritual guides.

The heron, a symbol of wisdom and balance, is the animal that acts as a link between the earthly and the spiritual dimension, it inspires meditation and is associated with the divine. The shamans give it the power to bring about change.

In many tribes the whale is associated with the beginning of things, with the creation of life on Earth. She is the one who holds the memory of all human history and the planet’s, since the first living beings came into the world. She symbolizes birth, rebirth and cosmic consciousness.

Because of her calm and grandeur she’s considered able to convey emotions and channel them in the right ways. There are so many fables in which men dwell in the belly of a whale and it’s precisely in her womb that they metabolize and face their fears.

Even the rooster, the anteater and the tapir which play together are symbols of spiritual strength, they are amulets against evil. The rooster represents a talisman for audacity and courage and, thanks to his singing, is the one who drives away evil spirits and brings light after darkness.

All these animals meet on this wonderful journey, calm and at the same time surreal, between hot-air balloons and fantastic characters. The time of the journey doesn’t represent only human life, but the life cycle of all living beings, a time that is no longer objective, but becomes subjective.

The Past is no longer, the Future is not yet, the Present is an abstraction of the human mind.