Twee Muizen

Twee Muizen are Denís and Cris, Denís studied fine arts and Cris fashion design. We started this project in Amsterdam so we decided to call it that way, Twee Muizen. Two mice in dutch. We are both from Galicia and we grew up in villages near Santiago de Compostela. Villages with a lot of mountains, animals and nature which is something that can be seen in our work. We currently live and work in Barcelona, our workshop is in the Sant Pere neighbourhood (C/d ́en ́en Mónec 16) here we spend most of our time working on our projects or finishing our clients orders. Our workshop has a gallery where we show our last pieces, from art toys to illustrations and paintings. It is open to public so anyone can visit it.


Festival Asalto,

Open Walls,

Nau Bostik,

No callarem,

Room Art Fair,

Revista Líbero,

Tuenti, Tentaciones,

Retina Revista Mongolia,

O Marisquiño, Revista Dot,

El País,

Soul Traits,


Croa Magazine,

190 Grados,


Magazine, Pictofolio.


Madrid 2011, The wall “Sutura”

Amsterdam 2012, Basis “Wood & Clan”

Barcelona 2012, Sho Bcn “Entre dioses y monstruos”

Barcelona 2013, Mad for Macs “Trece maderas” (group show)

Cardedeu 2013, Tarambana “Twee Muizen show”

Barcelona 2014, Cosmo “Gigantic”

Barcelona 2014, HQ “Especies en extinción”

Vigo 2014, Detrás do Marco “Sobre el viento la tela”

Valencia 2015, Plastic Murs “En el norte”

Valencia 2016, Plastic Murs “Piedra, papel, tijera” (group show)

Roma 2016, Nero Galllery “Animali Sacri” (group show)

New York 2017, Clutter Gallery, “Stitched2” (group show)

Roma 2017, Nero Gallery “Twin Peaks” (group show)

Edimburgo 2018, Flamingusaurusrex Gallery “Soul Traits” (group show)