Twin Peaks Group Show

Collective exhibition from 27th January to 10th March 2018, curated by Nero Gallery

Opening Saturday 27th January from 7 p.m.

Audio performance of Luca Longobardi “Voices of Evidence”

Angelo Barile (Mr C.), Bafefit (Nadine Hurley), Beatriz Mutelet (Shelly Nelson), Bruno Pontiroli (Bob), Claudia Ducalia (Audrey), Candice Angelini (The Giant), Craww (Owls), Daniele Aimasso (Andy e Lucy), Delphyne V. (Gordon Cole), Fabio Timpanaro (Cooper), Florian Eymann (Lynch), Francesco Viscuso (Briggs), Gerlanda di Francia (Diane Adams), Marco Rea (Agent Tamara Preston), Martina d’Anastasio (Black Lodge), Max Ferrigno (Laura Palmer), Nicola Alessandrini (Leland Palmer), P54 (Mike), Paolo Petrangeli (Norma Jennings), Seven Moods (The man from nowhere), Tenia (The Log Lady), Twee Muizen (Josie Packard), Valeria Bovo (Leo Johnson), Virginia Mori (Donna Hayward)

“Twin Peaks Group Show” is the exhibition created in homage to Twin Peaks, the famous tv series that has revolutionized the history and language of television serials.

The show sees the participation of 24 internationally renowned artists and the works shown, each of which focuses on a single character of the series, are made with different techniques ranging from traditional oil painting to sculptural art, up to the most innovative digital techniques.

The exhibition deals with all the shades of the hyper contemporary art, from the lighter nuances of pop to the disquieting depths of dark, and the whole environment, for the occasion, will be set up ad hoc in key Twin Peaks, as to restore the sense of the mystical and symbolic universe of David Lynch

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